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In this section, I consider that African cities young girls' fate is not to be envied, for 3 reasons.
a) The burden of ancient traditions that specially hang over African women, as though they were denied the right to live a modern life in their countries, contrary to their African and wold males counterparts.
b) They have the same problems as every young girl their age, faced with modern life difficulties, regarding self autonomy brought about by training an employment.
c) Moreover, the problem of poverty and utter social destitution of those women who are rejected when there are no longer familial and social solidarity, cause them to live themselves. Young women who want to share their experiences and sentiments on this difficult problem can get in touch with me, straight on the web site.


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I also enjoy those moments of chating between ourselves as women. I'm here with Pauline and Chantal.

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Non married mothers, and forced marriages, early pregnancy- Loneliness.
We are witnessing nowadays a proliferation of early pregnancies of young girls in our cities. This situation is a serious handicap, a single mother being hardly able to continue her own education, due to occasional child breeding by herself. Not to mention that, men are reluctant to marry an unmarried mother of a child.
Those early pregnancies have many reasons:
- Lack of information and dialogue between generations,and sometimes family deficiencies.
- Ignorance of various contraceptive methods and procedures by young girls, which includes the age old methods of the fifties (based on pregnancy periods and non intercourse periods) anti-pregnancy pills, medical counselling. . .
-Parents' very hard social life such as separation, young girls relinquished to their own education.
Those various causes are often mixed an most of a our young girls fall victims of unwanted early pregnancies.
In Africa, dealing with sex matters remains taboo between parents and children. In case of pregnancies, young girls are left to themselves, sometimes rejected by their disappointed parents.
I was interested in those young girls and I met with destitute families as well as with less destitute ones.
The poor ones have no means to take care of themselves and embark on various activities to survive with their children: menials jobs as housewife, small informal shops in best cases, and worst still, some of them give way to prostitution.
-Ignorance and lack of communication.
However, many of young girls whose parents can help them are prone to early pregnancies, due to ignorance, lack of communication with parents on sexual matters and a certain specific relationship with the family background.
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