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          Upon its release, rencontres had dedicated a Webpage to   Brigitte Wyngaarde, democratically elected Customary Chief of a Community village of the French Amazonia. We appreciated this young   woman's courage, which, after her father, chose to get her community going within the global citizenship.
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French Amazonia

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Brigitte Wingaarde
A talk with B.Wingaard
-U.N Geneva B.Wingaarde

A step toward all progress that improves the human personal merit, in his preserved living space. The communautary tradition being  respected and also being the foundation and cement of Amerindian society. Brigitte Wyngaarde is giving no battle whatsoever.
She only wants to resist the society's violence in this environment. It brings all those nasty winds and seeks to possess, occupy, and bargain over the natural human and social space, not to possess, occupy, and bargain over the natural human and social space, not to mention imposing what it calls its value, that cannot any longer be controlled. Amerindians would be there, only to fall victims of surplus acts of delinquency, namely alcoholism, individual or strayed groups delinquencies, drug, greedy push fullness. The Amerindian societies’ marginalization can actually be seen on the spot, in the texts and institutions which ignore and scorn all that is not in their standards .
It is just on this matter that  Brigitte Wyngaarde is standing firmly, with the support and encouragement of this tiny people. Together with the awareness of their ability to freely make a choice by themselves; this is good for their own preservation as well as for the development of their will-being, let alone, due respect to all people as a whole.
We thank Brigitte Wyngaarde for her long talk on the telephone, which has enabled us to write this page.