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  Brigitte Wyngaarde Woman of the moment in  French Amazonia        
Brigitte Wyngaard has been established Customary Chief of the Amerindian community Lokono of Balaté. Her election adds custom to modrenity. Briogitte Wingaard is the 2nd wife elected at such position.

It is after a democratic election inside her tiny community that ths young woman of 29 old, succeeded her father as head of her people.She has no easy task and great is her responsability. As a matter of fact, the question is: allowing people of a traditional group to adapt to both modernity and the Republics institutions, just as an enrichment that doesn't alienate the strong values that cause them to still be alive now. On all fronts, namely on political, economical, social and spiritual one she will have to defend this native group's interests and also assert its recognition and its rights. What has already been made is important and it's just this path that Brigitte Wingaard will have to widen by continuing an important task. In her statment, the young elected woman, surronded with her asssiatnts emphasized the need for a strong cohesion in her people, with a commitment to a carreful listening within their group, together with a dialogue in a widened external relationship. Facing French Guyana's sous-prefet  and a lot of Amerindian delegations, she conclued by stating" May the Great Spirit give me enought strength and courage, that I may be able, by his guidance, to better achieve my commitments for a better fulfilment of my duty"

As for us, we wish that   this assertive will, together with all those vows come true.
  Brigitte Wyngaarde
aruacay@nplus.gf will be always on our Website .

If you are keen on knowing more, please send us an E-mail; we will give you the necessary steps and contacts to your documentation. But the better thing to do is to be there in Guyana.

During the ceremony

W hile she read her discours, the young "Capitaine" looked very solemn considering the seriouness of the task .
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Women's beauty

From time immemorial, women have brought a certain vanity of their beauty, which is quite understandable . They have also been able to make teir beauties appreciated by men and their jealous female rivals alike. As for men, they have always enjoyed making fun of their wives' stylishness. It's just the case of this husband who eulogizes his wife on his own, a few year B C (before Christ). He managed to be anonymous!
You are pretty, young enough, we all know about it, and wealthy too, who's going to doubt it? However, Fabulla, when you're being over proud of it, you are no longer rich,  neithe pretty, nor young at all. (nec dives, neque bella, nec puella es)


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******Brigitte Wyngaarde is a practical woman and her action among population are quite a daily matter. beside her courageous job, she serves as a librarian too. she is there at a position where she can communicate, watch and listen to people. we are to follow and emphasize the diffrent steps of her action. We hope that we'll be very soon able to see a Website dedicated to the young population she henceforth represents, on the Internet. Take heart, Brigitte, and so long !

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