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I am a Cameroonian woman, and I work with several projects in a rural community whose objectives are help the woman  find her autonomy and dignity throught her own effort.
In rural areas, The African woman  problem is chiefly that of dignity as regards all kinds she has to fight on various fronts namely on personal, social and civic levels. My action chiefly deals with educational training, since I seriously rely on the voluntary action  of rural women to change their plight thelselves starting from a hundred small gestures of daily life.
I am a militant  within the KEL- Fraternite Association . What we need for the rural woman is that she becomes aware of her own important role within the society. Unfortunaly, she is almost the only one who has to face the problems  and deficiencies of African rural areas, namely.
- unequal and insufficient access to health services.
- hard work without machinery assistance
- contact with polluted water smoky kitchen
-early and multiple maternities

-ignorance of food hygiene and infant nutrition, which results in babies' malnutrition and  infectious diseases.
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